Sedna: Cuts Like a Knife

27 01 2011
Artist: Adolph Schaller

Artist depiction of the noonday sky on Sedna.

Orbiting way out in the farthest, coldest reaches of our solar system is a small, reddish body┬ácalled Sedna. Discovered in 2003, Sedna was named for the Inuit sea goddess who resides in the frigid depths of the Arctic Ocean. It has an orbital period of around 12,000 years; compare this to Pluto’s 248 years and you get a sense of the distances involved. Sedna is classified as a detached object, which means that its orbit is so far out from Neptune’s gravitational influence that it is essentially unaffected by it.

I like this phrase, ‘detached object,’ when it comes to Sedna, because detachment is a big theme of Sedna–particularly, detachment of limbs.



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