Boston Driver’s Notebook 6/9/12

8 06 2012

The Five Month Brake Job -Part 1

I was coming back from a white Christmas at nephew Aaron and Echo’s house when I first heard the noise.  Echo came from what used to be known as a “mixed marriage,” as well as what used to be called a “broken home.”  As a result, she generally entertained her black family one year and her white family the next.  The white Christmases were much more restrained than the black Christmases, which were way more entertaining.

Clyde the Barrow

Getting back to the noise, it was a little ‘thunk’ when I applied the brakes, coming from the rear passenger-side wheel.  Read the rest of this entry »


Boston Driver’s Notebook 1/14/11

14 01 2011

The Boston Building Department is located at 1010 Mass Ave. in Roxbury. The parking lot fills up early, and I could count on there not being any space. Accordingly, I had to leave my 18V construction tools at home. I had my traveling mechanical tools in a metal Milwaukee drill box. Parking would be in sketchy industrial areas, if at all.

Sketchy Industrial Area

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