Boston Driver’s Notebook 8/1/12 Part 3

1 08 2012

Part 3: A Pair of Cudas in Paradise

Note: this post has already been published as part of an earlier post.  I have broken a long post into three parts to honor all of us with ADHD.

“Nobody likes a coward,” was a favorite saying of Power Dave.  It was with this aphorism in mind that I left for the land of Paradise in the Tunacuda on a hot Saturday in July.  The Tunacuda roared along up the Route 2 hill that is nature’s compression test.  It was running great with the clean needle valve and new float level. Over the last six or eight years, I had increased the compression, blueprinted a new cam, ported the head, and blended the bowls.  The stock exhaust is the last remaining chokepoint.  The exhaust is newish, so that will be improved in due course.


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Boston Driver’s Notebook 4/1/12

29 03 2012

Wareham Harbor

It’s a good truck that will get you home before it gives out.  It was a windy October day that I went to Wareham to put up a gutter at the small beach house of the mysterious Helen of Cambridge.  I caught a radio traffic report that predicted an extremely slow drive from the entrance to Rt. 93 N at the junction of Rtes. 3 and 128 in Braintree all the way to downtown Boston, where traffic wasn’t moving at all.  The report was accurate enough.  I finally escaped at Leverett circle where I picked up Rt. 38, the McRoadRage at Lechmere just past the Science Museum.

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Boston Driver’s Notebook 3/15/11

18 03 2011

This morning I drove to Chinatown.  The Museum of Science bridge is temporarily one-way, the wrong way.  I went down my street, took a right, went a half-block, which took longer than you might think.  Took another right, went a block, took another right, went a quarter block.  Took a left, went up a hill, took a right.  Then it was on to the McGrath Highway, known to me as the McRoadRage Highway.  I have my own name for things.
There was intense competition to get on to Rt. 93 South.

Before Things Became Even Worse

There was a stopped line of traffic from McRoadRage Eastbound.  We from the West had a semi-open lane.  I find it’s best to drive up diffidently, and slow incrementally as you approach the stalled angry lane of long-suffering commuters.  It’s the Norman Vincent Peale approach. Read the rest of this entry »

Boston Drivers Notebook 2/28/11

28 02 2011

I’ve been working at repairing a large, shambling, falling-apart house in Jamaica Plain.  The owners are old friends of mine.  Benjamin distributes wild mushrooms to high-end restaurants, hoarder, hippie, good heart.  Mei Ching is a Japanese Chinese flower expert, working for the man every night and day.  As such we had contrived to take our collective ball and chain, the highly individualistic wife of our late acupuncture teacher, Mrs. So to dinner in Chinatown.

Needs a Little Work

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